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Windows 10 is out!


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ok, just to clarify regarding those who say most windows 7 machines will work - there are many that will not. I have two thinkpads and a dell dimension 8400 (not a slouch) that do not have the required NX (data execution protection) feature. Oddly the media creator method does a whole huge download before urping up the fact that NX is missing.


In reality, if your machine can run 8.1 it can run 10. 8/8.1 introduced this NX requirement, almost as silently.

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Been running Stable Bits Drivepool and Scanner for a couple of months on Windows 10 - no issues as far as I can tell.



oddly enough, "onedrive" is the one application that I am having trouble with - keeps restarting



Update 8/2


With regards to the one drive problem mentioned above


"Unlinking, restarting, then re linking seems to have fixed the problem for me

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