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Help with server OS for HP Microserver Gen 7


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Hi everyone,


I know these kind of threads are subjective and a bit tedious but hear me out please, I'll keep it brief!


I used to run W8.1 headless on my server, but  with the impending Windows 10 changes I thought I would experiment a bit first and see what the various different options out there were. I have the Gen 7 with 8GB ram and several HDD installed.


I looked at Freenas, but the RAM requirements really put me off – 8gb minimum! And then I would want to run a couple of VMs on top of it, so not best suited.

I looked at Openmediavault but then decided against that too.


I settled on a choice between Debian with a GUI to remote connect to, and Windows 10 when it comes out. I have 2 licenses for windows so I will either run:


Debian base – with W10 as a VM on top (x2). Use one for Media serving and the other as a desktop to remote on to for Word etc.

Windows 10 base – with 1 W10 VM on top.


The attraction to windows is Stablebit drive pool etc, seems useful, but the downside is the need for an AV and antispyware app which is resource hog.


Anyone have any insight they could share with me?


Many thanks

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