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Revisiting storage in my whitebox...


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Good day to all.


Been a while since I have built my whitebox, and it is still going very strong. Very happy with it. 


However, I've been looking and thinking about how I run my storage and I am wondering if I am doing it the "best" way?


Currently, I have 2 x SSD's which I run the bulk of my VM's from (because none of them are critical to me if the devices fail) (1x128 and 1x500GB)


I have passed through a HP P410 with 4x2TB disks in RAID-10 to a VM and that holds my storage.


However - would I actually be better off by NOT passing through the card and managing the array directly through ESX and just creating one big datastore on the RAID10 volume? 


Would running VM's on the RAID-10 be advisable? Up until now I've had a 4TB volume with all my files in - but I am happy to cut this down to 3TB and use 1TB for VM's, in order to add some resiliency to VM's that I wouldn't mind keeping a bit more secure. I appreciate that this adds some contention (possibly) depending on what machines are doing what at the time.


I currently have about 2TB tied up on the array so obviously I would have to copy all of this off the array and then copy it all back once I'm done - I just don't know how best I should set this up.


For reference, the machine is an i5-4570S, 32GB RAM.

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I am not an expert but personally I am preferring to have my important data on a drive (or raid) which is easy accessible in case of an failure. I am running two 3TB drives. one is passed through to a VM and the second one is each night with allwaysync backuped to the second one. In case of any trouble I am able to put the drive in another PC with Sata and can access my data.

For my data speed is not really necessary and watching videos is always possible.


My VMs are stored on a Raid10, due to speed and redundancy reasons. But I guess a SSD is faster as a Raid10 with normal HDDs.

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