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Windows Home Server update rollup

Mr Bill

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Here is something that I just got in the mail.


Microsoft® Security Essentials Beta


Dear Beta User,


Thank you for joining the Microsoft® Security Essentials Beta. We are confident that you’ll find Microsoft Security Essentials to be easy to install and use.


The Microsoft Security Essentials Beta is a fully functional anti-malware application with ongoing updates to help protect your PC from viruses, spyware and other malicious software throughout the course of the beta. In addition to ongoing virus and spyware definition updates, we will be providing software updates to the beta for download through Microsoft Update on a periodic basis. To have these updates installed automatically, you must be subscribed to Microsoft Update with preferences set to automatically download and install new updates. Learn more about automatic updates through Microsoft Update.


Here are some important links that will help you get the most out of your Microsoft Security Essentials beta experience:


· Microsoft Security Essentials beta website


· System requirements


· Help and support


· Suggestions and bug reporting


Over the course of the beta, you will receive additional emails from Microsoft inviting you to participate in optional surveys. These surveys let you provide us with important feedback that will help improve future versions of the product. Your participation makes a difference!


At the end of the beta, participants who are subscribed to automatic updates through Microsoft Update will be upgraded to the released version of Microsoft Security Essentials. Instructions for manually upgrading to the released version will be included in an email you will receive at the end of the beta period. Please note that to continue receiving technical support, you will need to upgrade or install the final version of Microsoft Security Essentials once it is released.


Notice to Windows® Home Server customers: Microsoft Security Essentials Beta is not supported on Windows Home Server (WHS). Beta testers who have installed Microsoft Security Essentials Beta on WHS should consider uninstalling Microsoft Security Essentials Beta to avoid potential incompatibility problems. Those who plan to beta test Microsoft Security Essentials Beta unsupported on WHS should wait until the next Windows Home Server update rollup currently scheduled to occur on or about September 1, 2010


Thanks again for participating in the Microsoft Security Essentials Beta.


Best regards,


The Microsoft Security Essentials Team

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Yea I just read this also Very interesting "Windows Home Server update rollup currently scheduled to occur on or about September 1, 2010"

I wonder why they didn't say security rollup. New Functionality?


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This is a quote from Microsoft;


Issue 5


You may experience incompatibility issues when you use the next version of Microsoft Security Essentials on Windows Home Server. This is a precautionary update. Windows Home Server is currently not supported by the next version of Microsoft Security Essentials Beta or final release. This update will address some incompatibility issues.


At this point, it is unknown whether the fix for Microsoft Security Essentials will allow the anti-virus application to be supported on the platform, or simply prevent installation on Windows Home Server. The definition of the fix as a “precautionary update” is also intriguing.




So, at this point, I'm not sure if the update or rollup will prevent the install of Security Essentials or allow it to work properly. It looks like they are worried about the Drive Extender technology. If you installed it, it might be a good idea to run it only on the system drive for now until the WHS team cames out with it's results.


You can still use the approved methods of McAfee and Avast for WHS.

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They may just be hedging their bets in case it interferes with the installation packages. How many times do we see an installer recommend disabling virus protection?

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It would be nice to see a version of Microsoft Security Essentials for WHS that could manage all the desktop computers too.

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I am not a big believer in an anti-virus for my homeserver. But, if they could put the full blown AV on my server and only a lightweight real-time protection PC on the desktops, I would be all-in for that. Then the server would kick off a full scan of each machine maybe daily or weekly after it wakes them for the nightly backup.

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+1 for not a big fan of AV on WHS (I know this has been debated before on the show) :) However, would Diehard's suggestion about only "running" it on the C drive work? What I mean is, if you're running AV on the server, it's going to monitor files written to any of the shares or the C drive isn't it? I haven't seen the new MSE, but if it's anything like the current one there aren't many configuration options!

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