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Is a G1610T and 4Gb ram ok virtualization?


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I`ve receved my MS Gen8 few days ago. It`s a G1610T with 4 Gb ram and 3 Nics, the 2 onboards and 1 in the PCiExpress extension..


I want to do a "Super Time Capsule"... It`s mean, to make a server with only two functions:

- Gateway/router

- With Netatalk and AFP share to make TimeMachine Backup.


I`m successlfully install ClearOS 7.1 Beta 2, but It`s a beta version and the AFP share is not functionnal yet.


I`m looking aroud a similar product, like Nethserver wich I will try next week. but it will need like ClearOs a little customization to have netatalk and AFP to work.


But as a totally newby on virtualization, I`m asking myself if a G1610T with 4 Gb ram is enough to have 2 virtuals Machines.

- one for pfsense.

- one for Freebsd or OpenMediaVault.



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The stock celeron cpu and next version pentium does not have 1 or 2 virtualization instruction.

Which means virtualization is not accelerated I.e is slow . In addition PCI is no pass though to guest I.e. You can not give full control of Ethernet port or hdd or PCI wireless card to guest VM . Only usb is passthrough.

There are some more detailed answer in this forum.


You can probably do some custom routeing on guest to transfer bandwidth but it might be at application level and slow .

So if you really want to do good virtualization and learn it then you should use Xeon otherwise you can play with celeron and see if it is acceptable for your needs

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I'm running a guest under CentOS (KVM virtualisation). It runs fine with the stock G1610T and only 4 GB RAM. However, PCI pass-through requires a different processor, like Riz said. I suspect it will give a performance boost, but it seems ok for now (everything runs smooth).

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Thanks for advices.


So I think that I`will stay with a all in one solution like ClearOS, Nethsever or Koozali SME.

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