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ML10v2 vs ML310ev2


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Does anyone know if there is a big difference between these two models?

I could only see a serial port, extra LAN socket for iLO and removable drive bays. Have I missed anything?


The ML10v2 has got a 20ukp cashback offer at the moment, making it approx 170ukp, which is a very tempting price - the ML310e is 300ukp more.


I love the Gen8 micro server form factor, but need 32gb. Guess it depends what the Gen9 micro server brings, but I doubt it will be as cheap as the ML10v2...


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I ended up getting a used ML310e v2 at a very good price - they are pretty much the same as the G8 Microserver, but with serial port, extra PCIe slots and 2 extra DIMM sockets.


Fitted a cheap basic HBA in one of the slots and connected the drive caddy SFF8087 connector so the quick remove front caddys are now hot swap :)

The onboard B120i is connected via breakout cable to SSD's in the CDROM bays.


Works very well with ESXi6 :)

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How's the noise with this one?


a bit louder than the gen8 micro server when running at full - there are 2 fans fitted in the ml310e.

When at normal load, using esxi6 HP image, about the same as gen8 micro server.

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