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Replacing the exhaust fan?


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Just to first double check, it's an 120mm fan on the exhaust right not 140mm?


I'm aware of the strange 6-pin connector it uses.


There was a thread not long ago where someone labelled the wire pinouts etc for the stock fan but I can't find it anymore, anyone have it?


I think it was said that if you do replace the fan, you can't use any kind of automatic speed control with it? which is fine because if I did replace it, I'd use a nice en-eloop or noctua fan which are basically silent on full speed anyway - speaking of which do we know the top RPM of the stock fan?


Sidenote but I've noticed also the intake vents getting a bit dusty, has anyone experimented with a dust filter inbetween the door?


Edit: this site has info about the fan: http://www.silentpcreview.com/article1377-page9.html

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