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WHS 2011 Won't Boot When 4Tb Raid 1 Drives Installed


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Hello, I'm new to this forum, but I'm stuck on a rebuild of my home server.


Over the past 3 years, I have been running WHS 2011 on a system comprised of two pair of 2Tb Raid 1 hard drives (for data), and the WHS 2011 was installed on a 1Tb Raid 1 drive.  No problems (other than minor issues with backups, etc.)


So, I've outgrown one of the 2Tb drives, and decided to install a pair of 4Tb Raid 1 drives, along with a couple of Samsung 120Gb SSHDs (with the thought of migrating the OS to these drives.  More on that later.)


When I moved the 1TB pair in my chassis, and attempted to install all the new drives, I had to reinstall WHS 2011 on the 1Tb Raid 1 pair (which, all they did was move slots to a new slot in the system).  However, no problem, after some work, everything is working (with the 4Tb drives pulled out.)


So, everything works, boots up, etc., with the two 2Tb drives in a Raid 1 config, another two 2Tb drives in a Raid 1 config, two 1Tb drives (with the WHS 2011 OS installed), and the two Samsung 120Gb SSHDs (non-Raid config) installed.  Exactly how my server was over the past 3 years, except with the two Samsung SSHDs installed.


The problem comes in when I slip both of the 4Tb drives back in the system.  The boot shows these @ approx. 3726Gb in a Raid 1 format on the screen that comes up from the first (Vantec) SATA card, then both of the 2TB drives in a Raid 1 format are shown on the screen that comes up from the second (Vantec) SATA card (shown @ approx 1863Gb), then the 1TB drives come up (RAID 1) along with the Samsung SSHDs non-raid on the Intel boot screen, then the motherboard flash screen, but then nothing.  WHS 2011 does not run.  The screen is blank and everything just sits there.  


I checked the boot sequence in the MSI motherboard software, and it's CD/DVD, followed by Intel0 (which is the 1Tb Raid 1 pair), followed by the SSHDs, followed by the data drives.  


Does anyone have any suggestions?  I'm stuck, and I don't know where to go from here.  WHS 2011 does not want to run when these two more drives are installed, and I can't figure out why.


Any suggestions would me much appreciated.





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