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VID Drive & Windows Activation


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Hi Guys,


New to posting, but long time lurker... I have a question.


I've just bought 2 Gen8 Microservers, along with them I have purchased: 2 x 128 GB Samsung 850 Pros, 8 x Seagate 4 TB NAS drives and 32 (4*8) GB Kingston ECC RAM and 2 x Windows 2012 R2 Standard Server licenses.


Having split the bits up equally I have 2 pretty capable machines that will be performing various duties.


The first hurdle I faced was getting them to boot with all drives in with the SSD on the optical port, thanks to the post by "TheBiggerMan" on how to boot from the SD card I now have both machines up and running with all drives in AHCI mode.... Here's where my question comes in...


In Explorer I have an E: Drive labelled VID which seems to contain a PE environment and drivers, I cannot seem to get this to unmount as it always returns when Windows boots, however I think this is causing me activation problems... When I first built the machines using IP I activated Windows online no probs, however now everything is built and that drive keeps mounting Windows says is is not activated... I have no idea why though, has anyone else faced this problem, and if so how did you fix it?


Thanks a lot,




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Solved my own question, all sorted now :)


For those interested, I had to F9 during POST to access RBSU and navigate to Advanced Options > Advanced System ROM Options > Virtual install Disk and set that to Disabled, drive has gone and Windows is back to being activated.. no idea what was happening but all sorted.

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Why bother with an 850 Pro if you are just going to run it on a Sata II port quite a waste


you have picked up the best ssd's on the market and gone and crippled them

my lowly Kingston V300 240GB will beat your 850 Pro's in the current config


You should really consider moving the SSD to the primary port and make bay 1 non hotswap

fact is you arnt going to be pulling the drive every few days

so its not a big deal





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Thanks for the post Shonk, the reason I went with them is I got a great deal on the pair (however I miss-typed, they are 840 Pro's not 850's), I may make your suggested mod but all working well at the moment

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