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Any Benefit Installing the OS on a SSD

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Drashna Jaelre

I use a Samsung SSD for my OS drive to accelerate booting but can't see a benefit in my use case for SSD RAID config as mine is a primarily a media storage server.



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Faster speed. ;)


For anything that is very disk intensive (virtualization, databases, cache for photo/video editing), then this would be very useful.

If you want speed then Intel 750 PCIe SSD in raid is the go. The guys at PCper put 5 in raid which maxed out the cpu such that the 5th actually slowed the lot down.




Only requirement is $$$$, X99 chipset and a 40 lane CPU.

And probably cost you more than $4000 for just the motherboard, CPU and cards. Not counting the case, RAM, other drives, OS, etc. :)

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