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I thought it would be fun to post about out hate for hotel internet across the country. This is the worst I've seen so far. I like this site to test internet speed testmy.net 


It can test your internet speeds to one or two of their servers at the same time without bursting or ISP caching changing the speed results because it uses completely random data everytime.


Two more days in Albany, NY with internet like this is going to be rough




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I use http://www.hotelwifitest.com/to look at hotel wifi ratings when booking my travel.  Unfortunately I travel between TN, OH, KY, IN mostly and typically rural area's so the average I get is 1Mbps U/D.


Pretty soon they wont be able to call this broadband.  The other thing I dislike is the increase in Wifi only rooms :) I like to hook up my own Access Point with ethernet ports for various projects I'm working on during my deployments (configuring voip phones, server os installs, updates, etc.)

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