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Podcast 68, what do you think ?


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Hi Folks,

WHS Health is a web page designed to to viewed on a iPhone/ iTouch browser that is born from the code in Power Pack 3 that created the "Console View" tab in Media Center.

Give it a try and compare it to P80 & WHS Mobile.

I got a EX490, testing out the "Video Conversion" from HP v3, a lot more choices, what experience do you have with HP's Video Conversion ?

I gave some kudos to you top posters here, thanks again.

Dave's getting us started on "Virtualization", check out the Virtualization Corner section of the forum, now open.

John (homeservershow).

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Congrats, John, on your new EX490. I gotta laugh, though, because I know from listening to the HSS podcast that you'll soon be taking it apart to stick the fastest CPU in there that you can get away with.

On the interview with wodyweb, it was good to hear an explanation of the difference between bare metal solutions vs. host-based ones for virtualization. I went ahead and dl'd Microsoft's Hyper-V Server 2008 R2 and will get around to installing it sometime in the next couple weeks.

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it was definitely nice to hear a lot about virtualization. It's definitely a big, and growing topic. :)
dvn: you'll want to look up installing hyperV server 2008 in a workgroup, unless you do have a domain controller set up. There are some special considerations in that network configuration.

Oh, and only 21 add-ins? :P. Besides, dave wouldn't want to know what i'm doing with my server. :P definitely not supported stuff! Though, john, you definitely like to tinker. :) Not usually a bad thing!

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@Drashna - My only previous experience with virtualization was using Virtual PC and VMware Player. Host-based, and easy enough to do. I'm not familiar with domains. My interest was stirred by the possibility of running WHS in a vm. If Hyper-V has a steep learning curve, maybe you could suggest another solution.

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Another good show. Below are some comments.

Hearing the phone discussions made me want to throw another one into the mix: Motorola CLIQ. It is based on Android. Anyway, it may not have the app's that an iphone has, but it is smarter in that it can multitask, it is on a network that works, and is much nicer to use. I won't even comment on the palm based phones. Didn't they die before blackberry's?

There was a short discussion on canceling cable and using MC with a HDHomerun. First question, when using an xbox as an extender, why doesn't internet tv show up in MC like it does on your PC? Second question, with HDHomerun, do you have to install software on your server to use it?

Does anyone know where the RSS feeds/files/whatever it is is stored on your computer? I want to make them part of live mesh so they will be on all computers I use like my favorites.

Oh no, I have been recognized. Now I guess I better step up and provide content instead of just asking. I will work on that in 2010.

Netflix was discussed as well. Does it provide cable shows in addition to the movies? Could it be used for cable programs to replace cable?

On the discussion related to the blogger with the virus from his daughter I would like to suggest there be more discussion about what the problem was before debating amongst the team. I may just be slow, but it took me about half to two thirds of the conversation to figure what occurred. Just constructive criticizm! ;)

Can you remote into the HPMS Servers? Sometimes your discussions about it make me think you cannot.

I would like to say great job on the first part of virtualization. I have been interested in this for some time but haven't had time to play with it. Some questions I have or would like to see discussed are...
What is the pros/cons of installing bare metal versus host for a WHS setup?
Review the benefits, if any of having WHS and W7 virtualized on the same machine.
A step by step tutorial for both methods on a WHS machine would be great.

Now show next week; that sucks. I have a 10 hour drive ahead of me and I was going to disect show 69. I guess I will have to do it on the older shows I haven't listened to yet. ;)

Sorry for the long post and all the questions.

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Guest no-control


Do my best to try and help out here.

1. phones - no comment I own an iPhone and hate it.

2. HDHR - I don't own one but Dave and the gang have me jonesing for one.

3. Depends on what program you use to download them to for outlook I believe its located under "%USERPROFILE%\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\Outlook\"

4. Netflix provides DVD services in either physical or streaming formats. So if the show is on DVD then yes most likely they will have it. If you looking for last weeks episode of Family Guy or whatever, then you need to be on Hulu or something like that.

5. Yes you can Remote desktop into an HP MSS to get to the actual server desktop which is seperate from the console.

6a. Mainly a Bare Metal (Type1) install would allieviate the overhead of running an o/s. but honestly for a WHS setup is so lite that you can go either way. Most Hypervisors are free, so there is no need to have a licensed o/s to run it. Although you will need a license for any O/S you plan on running in a VM unless you just testing or demoing it. Also if your a linux guy then your in the clear so to speak.

6b. Biggest benefit is that you can utilize the hardware better. If you have a fast quad core and 4+gb RAM and a dual gige NIC, you can easily assign a single core, NIC and a gig of RAM to the WHS VM. and then pass thru the storage HDD's

6c. "A step by step tutorial for both methods on a WHS machine would be great" You wouldn't do that. The simple(er) approach would be to run WHS as a VM on top of whatever hardware you want and with whatever hypervisor you choose. But the fact is its just not that simple. Step by step using which Hypervisor & in what way? Type 1 - Hyper-V, ESXi, Xen? Type 2 - VMWARE, Virtual PC, VirtualBox. What is the purpose of the build? You pretty much have to commit yourself to trying it a few different ways to see what your preference/need is. I have a post in the Virtualization Thread about my current build which is pretty over the top for a home unit. But feel free to ask questions about it. I'm trying to document it as much as possible. Not quite step by step, screen shot for screen shot. Just something for everyone to go oooohhh I get it I see how it works now.

Take care on that long drive!

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I enjoyed the show. Thanks for getting geeky with virtualization. I have wondered how that works and use Parallels for Mac 3 and just ordered Paralles for Mac 5 to use with Mac OS 10.6 and Windows 7 Pro 64. I am starting to play around with VirtualBox and could not get Windows 7 Pro to go to full screen mode due to the use of generic drivers. I will use VirtuaBox to try different Linux distributions. Please keep going with virtualization. I would love to see more geeky type of discussions that relate to Windows Home Server. For example, securing the WHS web site, ways to make WHS a more secure and functioning product, or different network topology that people use.

Keep up the good work and thanks for the forum.


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