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Q on B120i Raid


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I finally set up my Gen 8 last night after buying it over a month ago and never opened it up as it looked more complicated compared to my N40L.


Anyhow, I followed John's Win 7 installation youtube video and I managed to install Windows 10 Beta (I couldn't be bothered to find my Windows 7 disc last night and I had no usb image of it)


I will be transferring my old 3tb discs from the N40L to the Gen 8. I have 3 x 3tb and a 2tb HD.


My question is:


DO I NEED to assign ALL 4 drives at the same time to create an array before windows 10 OR Drivepool to see the drives? Or is it possible for me to just do 1 or 2 drives for now and add the rest later?



Will setting up a new array using HP Smart Storage Admin on my 3tb discs delete everything? I have data on them using drivepool that I did not bother transferring to an external drive because Stablebit confirmed they will get picked up on the new machine once I get Drivepool installed and moved my license over to the Gen 8.


Any help/pointers will be very much appreciated!




btw, I have a Corsair Force GT 120gb SSD as my C drive (set up using Gen 8's Smart Storage Admin)

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Under the b120i if you are running in RAID mode to control the fan speed you will need to create arrays before transferring data.  to minimize data loss I would move 1 drive at a time createing raid 0 single drive arrays backing up the data on the drive before hand.  creating the array will probably result in loss of data on the drives or atleast did on my migration from intel mirrored raid to then gen8 mirrored raid

if in ACHI you should be able to move all at once

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Thanks. OK I'm more confused than ever.


I'll ask this:

I'm going to be using Stablebit Drivepool... does this mean I do not need to be using B120i and I should use AHCI instead?

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I use Stablebit Drivepool along with Scanner.


I run AHCI mode because I like to have the S.M.A.R.T. info reported to StableBit Scanner. If you're not bothered about S.M.A.R.T. then you can run each drive as a single RAID 0 array.


I'm not running any resiliency since the data on my drives is all replacable media files, but I like to have as much info available to StableBit Scanner as I can to hopefully give me some prior warning of any impending failure!

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This is perfect! Thank you. So, if I run the SSD from the ODD port, I can then use all 4 available bays, set them up as individual raid one at a time and then add them to drivepool as and when I get additional drives to fill the 4 bays?


Because I don't have 4 hard drives at the moment (well I do - 4 x 1tb but I want to upgrade to 3tb or even 4tb so I'll be buying the drives one at a time)


Actually - I think I would prefer AHCI mode as well... how do I do this and still run SSD on the ODD port? Which sticky are you referring to please?

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