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I have U-verse but only use 3 of the 4 allowed tuner boxes. I had this thought ... I would love to somehow record shows off a 4th tuner into the WHS where they could be stored until i wanted to stream them off the WHS to my iMac. The reason is this ... yes, I have a DVR, but it doesn't do me any good on my big iMac screen. But iMac could play videos off the WHS using QuickTime. This way, I could watch something I previously recorded up in the corner of my screen (a full 720p video would only take a quarter of my screen) while i work on the remainder of the screen. The iMac can have video input, but only to the full screen. I have not found a way to use the video input only to a window allowing me to keep using my machine. I thought my WHS might offer an option if anyone knew of a good way to record off of a u-verse tuner box (from my understanding of u-verse, there are no QAM options).


Thanks for any input.



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(Or should this be moved to the Media forum?)


I'm new to the forum - I put it here thinking HP & U-verse as OEM. If it fits better elsewhere, is there a way I can move it or would a Mod have to move it?

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