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Ipad/iphone file access to Home server breakthrough!


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Had a long drive today and had a brainwave while I was along the way!



I use Goodreader on my ipad and iphone and have been using it with dropbox, google docs and mobileme idisk but it's been a bit of a faff making sure that the files I may need on the road are actually synced with the service.



I noticed that one of the "servers" said "any Webdav server"and hadn't thought any more of it until today


I googled "webdav windows home server" and found a brilliant addin called "WebFolders4WHS" Link to Download site


I added it to the server via the .msi addin option on the console and the first time I ran it, it installed some other stuff too and asked me for a folders name which I just called 'webshare'. (apparently you don't want to name it that as it conflicts with the HP photo share ??)


Then when that was done, into the tab on the console and there was all my shares, I just clicked "add" to the ones I want over the air and they went green to "web enabled"



The next bit foxed me for a minute so I'll save you the stress! Right click on a folder that you have selected for "web enabled" and click open. You'll need the username and password that allows you access to that folder as if you were using your normal homeserver remote access method. This will open a very basic webpage with the folder and folders within but it also gives you the full URL that you will need later. Make a note of it!


Then over to the ipad, open good reader and touch "add" on "Connect to servers"


"Any WebDAV Server", readable title, whatever you choose, URL, the long winded url address that includes your remote servername etc ending in the folder name (that you made a note of!). User and password need to be the same ones again that would allow you remote access to that folder.


I've set separate ones up for each of my work folders and another to my photos and Bang! I've got my own Cloud/Dropbox etc but the best bit is that I don't have to upload any files any more as they reside on my server at home!



This is a great solution to me as one issue I had with the ipad was being able to access files that I didn't know I might need!



I hope it helps you guys too


I can also now confirm that office hd2 has webdav folders built in

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