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How to enable UEFI in Microserver Gen8?


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Dear All,


I would like to boot from 3TB hdd (WB Red, Raid 1).


How to enable EFI / UEFI in Microserver Gen8, is it possible?

  • I can't find it in BIOS
  • my BIOS version is: J06 06/06/2014
  • OS: ESXi 6.0

If my servert doesn't support UEFI then I will create inside the array 2 logical drives.

The first one being of 2Tb or less.


Thank you in advance for your answers!


Bye: Dani


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Hello schoondoggy,


Yes I know that pendrive or sd card can be used for booting.

But in this case I would like to boot from the hdd.


So my question is: how can be enabled EFI / UEFI in Microserver Gen8, is it possible?


Thank You!

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