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Windows 10 On Gen 8 Microserver


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With the free offer from Microsoft for Windows 10, I'm tempted to register for the upgrade. I wondered if anyone has tried this on their server and run into any problems. I can't seem to find an answer to whether or not you can delay the downloaded Win 10 upgrade indefinately until you have anything up and running. I also wonder what effect this would have on my raid setup if I updated.


Any pointer would be most appreciated



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Yeah think its a year, however they seem to be changing the wording on a weekly basis at the mo, they said the toherday that if you installed it as in insider you would get a free copy anyways...

I'll get it through work as part of SA on our EA so its no great shakes too me but I suspect there are a lot of confused people out there at the mo...

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Lots of info. here for you since I am a long-time 'Slow Ring' Windows Insider and now wall-to-wall Windows 10 build 10130 on all my devices.


1. 10130 runs tolerably well already on my DELL desktop, SAMSUNG laptop and ... to the point ... old and new HP  Microservers. (Data parked temporarily elsewhere of course!)

2. W7, W8.1 and W10 all install as per a consumer device. Indeed the later OS you install, the more drivers come out good. The only difference is that one has to use the 'Advanced', 'Load Driver' option during setup to link in the B120i RAID drivers if you go the clean build route. Alternatively, if you run setup from a working Windows partition ... then you sit back and watch and your RAID configuration should be good. I elected for the Ripley method ... nuking the entire OS, apps and carrying nothing forward at all from a cold boot as well as running setup from a working partition. And there is rollback (which we all found worked for W8.1 when HP screwed up the network driver last Autumn). 

3. Otherwise I accepted the default drivers for W10 because:

- I don't use iLo so device Manager shows a missing driver here

- the generic video driver only gives 1024 resolution ... but I operate servers headless and remote desktop uses the resolution of the client, not the server, so I see 2560x1600

3. The Insider version is by default W10 PRO ... so you get the required version to Remote Desktop in.

4. If I had my time again I'd use Joe's SSD upgrade to free up all the HDD disk bays ... and not worry about the 2TB BIOS boot drive limit.

5. I have 6TB drives running in old and new Microservers.

6. Windows licensing: where do I start? At the risk of getting banned here ... best go over to Windows Weekly or Thurrott's site and see my retaliation for the stream of pure BS which Nadella, Microsoft and pundits call 'communication'. After Nadella's latest employee message I'm expecting a HARRY POTTER version of Windows to replace Ultimate. Ed Bott is the best read on licensing.

If the general scheme of licensing doesn't change then users who have a legit W7 or W8.1 license can upgrade for free in the first year. Its an UPGRADE, which means you lose the right to use the previous license. After several rounds of BS it appears that Insiders also need a qualifying license to get the free upgrade ... but there is another option which I think is THE MAJOR CHANGE in Windows which biased pundits do not like to describe accurately.

With W10 Microsoft is letting users have bug fixes, feature additions and performance enhancements free via Windows Update (i.e. 'giving away' what we already had!). However there are now 3 types of Windows Update:

- consumers who take the Home version cannot postpone anything and must accept changes immediately after release by MS

- PRO users can delay updates for one round only

- ENTERPRISE users can switch off updates altogether ... but that means no new features as well

The correct way to put this is that Microsoft is using its usual forcing tactic and most users will be bound to Microsoft's upgrade schedule. No problem, right? Imagine if this had been in place at the end of XP. You want VISTA? You're getting it now. You want Windows 8? You're getting it now.

To be fair things are different now. I mean MS would never withdraw a valuable feature like they did with Ultimate Extras? Except Media Centre or OneDrive placeholders , ...

... I mean if I as an Insider I said the W8 UI was crap on a desktop then MS would just halt its release, right?


The OFFICIAL way to get what you may want - a free W10 Pro license - is to remain with the Insider programme after July 29th (you'll be forced to choose whether you're still in or out at that date (or maybe earlier)) . However Insiders have to take updates in alpha and beta form, before release to consumers ... probably not the way you want to go on your servers when MS test out the new version of OneDrive or introduce ReFS on the client OS or some other new gizmo!


Next 'lock-in' feature. Insiders can only take the upgrade via a Microsoft Email Account (MSA in their blogs) ... the one you registered with to be inside. You don't have to use the MSA otherwise for mail and stuff.


UNOFFICIALLY. Ah well, here's why we see all the dancing in the blogs and media. How precisely are MS going to validate the upgrade entitlement? If you have legit W7 or 8.1 running and accept the upgrade: no problem since MS can 'see' where you are coming from. But what if you are an Insider running a prerelease build? Do you have to rollback or reinstall from the qualifying OS? I think MS want to say no ... but if they go public then people like you will rush out and grab a free license! Indeed organised pirates will have a field day. OK, OK, I'd like to convert my SAMSUNG laptop from Home W7 to Pro W10 too. Guilty as charged ;-)

MS have said that after a successful upgrade one can reinstall clean to the same device for the lifetime of that device without an MSA. Presumably at upgrade some digest of the device's characteristics will be associated with an MSA to check entitlement. (People are asking if you can change motherboard, disk, CPU, ... and who decides on the lifetime ... without losing the license: no answer).

MY TAKE: I think MS are trying to be generous but their culture is holding them back from that final push. I've upgraded everything. If they don't ask ... I won't offer. There is a non-zero chance that Insiders upgrades will just go through. Maybe MS will look to see when you signed up, or let 5 devices through per MSA, or if there isn't rampant abuse take a view, ... whatever. Its a bet to a few hours extra work.


What was the question again?

1. If you run setup from a working OS partition your RAID should be fine since Windows already has the driver ... and you'll have rollback. (Me: I parked my data for a spell.)

2. On the 29th (or possibly slightly earlier) Insiders will see the RTM update ... it will be mandatory ... and then (at least) we'll know how to choose between:

- I have a genuine W7 or W8.1 license for this device and want to switch to a customer W10Pro device using this MSA and stop the testing already

- God knows how I got here but keep me in the Insider programme so that I can remain an alpha and beta tester for MS and let you guys mess around with my machine

Of course if you are not ready to make the choice then you can rollback ... and you can keep your machine off the air until the first wave of Insiders has tried the process. Which may of course be anything from boring (think year 2000 testing) ... to Vista-like.

OTOH if you just wanted to know whether your fully-functional, properly-licensed, Windows HP Gen8 Microserver can be upgraded for free at a time of your choosing between July 29th 2015 and July28th 2016 to a new working state then ... yes, and you don't need to register (you qualify) ... and suckers like me will check it out, so chill. (The 'Get Windows' notification icon is advertising, nothing else.)

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