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Has anyone found a good solution for remote access. I seem to have problems losing my remote access and like an alternative to access my WHS. Live Mesh seemed to work pretty good, but is being phased out and Live Sync won't install on version 1. I've been playing with LogMeIn, which seems to work fairly well. The free version loses the ability to transfer files, but if used in conjunction with Hamachi, I can get around that issue. I also hope that I can revive remote access through LogMeIn if I have to (haven't had much of a chance to test it).


I've also purchased LogMeIn Ignition for my Android. That has come in handy for remote access. I bought it more for a toy, but it's proving to be very useful. It's even had a wife-factor; the other day she had a problem bringing up the HTPC and called me at work. I was able to remote in on my phone and reset it for her. I think that paid for it;-) I was a little Leary about it, and wished it had had a free trial period, but I took the risk and am happy.

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Hey Todd

Why don't you just set up a VPN connection on your home server? If this is always on then you can VPN straight into it and from there access your other clients. It's very straightforward to setup and you only need to port forward one port. That's all I do. Once VPN is established you can then RDP to any machines

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