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Some GEN8 NOOB questions about RAID5 and WHS2011


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Hi guys, first time post so please be gentle with me!

I've currently have a HP ProLiant MicroServer N54L with 16GB RAM and I'm using the original 250GB drive as a boot OS drive for WHS2011. I'm also got 4 x 3TB WD Red drives in a RAID5 using the HP Smart Array P410 controller.

This has been running fantastic as a home server for 2 years now, mainly for accessing storage amongst my other computers, iPad and iPhone 6.


Now, I've got the building urge again as I've picked up a cheap HP Gen8, these are my parts...

HP Proliant Microserver Gen8 (G1610T) 

Microsoft Windows Home Server 2011 - Spare copy that I have

2 x Kingston KTH-PL316E/8G 8Gb Memory Module 1600Mhz

Intel Xeon E3-1265LV2 CPU

Samsung 850 EVO 250GB (going to be boot OS drive)

Dell MX714 Floppy FDD to Sata Power Converter

4 x WD Red 6TB - Buying soon

HP Smart Array P222 RAID Storage Controller - Buying soon


So my questions are...

1. What is the maximum hard drives that I can put in for me RAID5 configuration using the HP P222 controller?

2. I am hoping for 4 x WD Red 6TB's but would it support 8TB drives as well using the HP P222 controller?

3. What determines the maximum hard drive space, is it the HP Gen 8 or the HP P222 controller?

4. I really like Microsoft Windows Home Server 2011 but is it really 'past its sell by date' now?

5. If I didn't use Windows Home Server 2011 what is my alternatives without spending a lot of money? I will be using it for storage only over my home network at home.


Thanks for all replies in advance.

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1. Not sure, but I would not put more than four 6TB drives in a RAID set. Rebuild times grow with the capacity and number of drives. I have run eight drives on a P222 in two RAID5 sets of four drives each.

2. I don't know of anyone running 8TB drives on a P222, but there should be no reason they would not work. The current 8TB Seagate drives are archival drives and are not the best for RAID.

3. I would say in your case it is the P222, but I dont think there is a capacity limit currently.

4. Other than the hotfix for UEFI support it is still working fine.

5. There are a few threads on the topic. I am leaning toward FreeNAS or Open Media Vault and using Veeam or Paragon for back up and BMR.

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@schoondoggy, sorry I should have made myself clearer on question 1. I meant what's the highest sized hard drive I can put in but it seems like from your comments that any size is fine. 

Yes, I'm aware the Seagate 8TB's are not great but I was hoping for some WD Red 8TB's in the near future. 


So before I make my purchase, me buying 4 x WD Red 6TB's and configuring it all in a RAID5 with the P222 storage controller is OK, right?

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