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Anyone else running the Lenovo Thinkserver TS440?


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580Guy - I too am running the TS440 and loving it.  I am using it as a home server with Windows 8.1, primarily for media storage, iTunes, and PLEX streaming.  I have been racking my brain over what types of drives would be best.  Do we need to be running NAS drives or will standard desktop drives work fine over time?  I currently have an SSD mounted in a PCI slot as my boot drive and then six other drives set up as mirrored sets of two.  I have 2TB drives for Video, 320GB drives as my data drives, and 1TB drives partitioned for Photos and music.  I really need to expand the size of the video storage as I want to rip all of my DVDs onto the server.  I'm looking for recommendations on the best way to set this up.



I am just running JBOD with most of the drives I had from the previous system, all 2 TB drives.  It's a mix of WD greens, Hitachi, Samsung HD204 and a Seagate Hybrid 2 TB for my system drive.  I am all about Max storage for my server.  I am not willing to give up storage space for the boot speed of an SSD. To me, it's a server: I only boot it about once a month.  Some of my WD Greens have over 5 years running 24/7.  I have yet to lose a drive.  Just in case I use Stablebit Drivepool for drive pooling and folder duplication for certain shares (Family pics, videos) and my  Movie and Music shares are protected with FlexRAID snapshot Raid. Stablebit Scanner also helps to monitor drives and data corruption. 1 drive dedicated as a parity drive for FlexRaid.  Finally I am using Cloudberry Backup for WHS with Amazon Glacier for cheap off-site backup of Family photos & Videos.


I am sure NAS rated drives are better, but 5 years on drives is good to me.  I planned on buying 3 or 4tb drives in the future as my 2tb drives die off,  but I am finding some 2tb drives for like $49 so they are hard to pass up.  I guess one benefit of the smaller 2tb drives is that they will take less time to rebuild/restore when they fail.  I would think a 4tb drive might take a couple of days to restore as opposed to a 2TB drive in 6-8 hours or reasonably in a day. 


NAS drives are rated for 24/7 operation, but I think most drives run well this way.  I believe in the cycles wearing drives more than steady operation.  For me what I have is fine.  When it's time to replace, I will look at what will give me the best bang  for the buck.  Hope this helps.




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