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16GB failing in Gen8; bad second dimm slot?


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Hi folks! I have a Gen8 G2020T microserver that I'm trying to upgrade from 8GB to 16GB by adding a second 8GB DIMM in slot 2. It ain't working in ways that makes me wonder if the second slot itself might be at fault.


When I have either 8 GB DIMM in slot 1, it boots fine.

When I have both DIMMs in, the boot hangs at PCI Auto Configuration Start, with a status code of 5808. iLO only reports one DIMM in slot 1.

When I have either DIMM in slot 2, the same thing happens, and iLO still thinks there's one DIMM in slot 1.


Out of curiosity, I pulled out the original 2GB stick that the machine came with and put it in slot 2 to the same result. iLO still thought there was a single 8GB stick in slot 1, so I guess it must cache the data from the last successful boot? When I put the 2GB stick into the first slot, there was a BIOS memory configuration screen that unexpectedly popped up instead.


SO. The things I'm wondering if anyone could share any insight into:


Should I expect that a microserver can ever boot with only the second memory slot populated?

Is there anything in the BIOS config that might make that second slot work?

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