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Windows VPN and VPN Services


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I've had my WHS 2011 going for a while, but only just set up a VPN. Now I know what a VPN does, but I'm wondering why set one up in WHS? What are the pros and cons of using WHS vs a VPN through CyberGhost?

I not a pirater or a hacker, but security and anonymity have been playing on my mind in this post Snowdon world. Does WHS mask my webtraffic from my ISP? Can this only be done thru a 3rd party VPN client? is the new IP assigned through my WHS VPN still a way to track me through my ISP?

Excuse the naivety of the questioning, but I am trying wrap my head around how much trust I should have in my windows VPN. I would have it anyway, as I want to allow access to my server when I am travelling. But the intensiveness of 3rd parties spying while online has got me a bit PO'd.
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Do you mean connect to WHS' VPN or connect WHS to a VPN service?



If you mean connecting to WHS' VPN, then here:

Are you sure that CyberGhost or whatever service is NOT logging your traffic? Are you sure they're not?


Using your own VPN server on WHS allows you to connect to your server, and route your traffic through your ISP. This is great for cellphones or mobile devices.  And it doesn't cost anything more than have a server that is on, and an internet connection.

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