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USB 3.0 Enclosure disconnecting in WS2012R2


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Hey Guys,


First post here and I've tried searching everwhere for this info but came up empty...  Could use some pointers if this seems like an easy issue...


I recently bought an HP ML310e G8 v2 server and I'm running it with a Mediasonic HF2-SU3S2 4-bay USB3.0/eSata enclosure with Windows Server 2012 R2 Essentials.


The mediasonic has 4 drives in it, 3 of which are part of a stablebit drivepool.


I'm having problems maintaining connection to the enclosure.  It seems like windows is putting the drives to sleep at which point stablebit freaks out and says they're missing.  The drives/enclosure come back online pretty much immediately and causes stablebit has to do an entire rescan of the drives.  This repeats several times a day and if I'm unlucky enough, the enclosure never comes back and stays disconnected.


Has anyone here had similar issues with enclosures on USB3.0 port?


I've gone through the gammut with mediasonic support.  I've disabled sleep on the USB 3.0 Hub, I've turned off USB Selective Suspect, I've put in a registry hack to disable sleep for the mediasonic USB device ID...  I read that the mediasonic enclosure is pretty much useless on USB 3.0.  I really really hope this is not the case and that there's a software fix.


I've resorted to running the enclosure with via eSata for now but I'd prefer to run it on USB 3.0 as the eSata card I'm using is earmarked for another use.  


Any ideas?





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