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MX200 - Raid1 on B120i


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Hello guys, finally I found some time to register instead of reading posts only. I would like to ask you if you have any experience with SSD Raid on B120i. With regards on posts I read some of you had successfully run the Raid on B120i. At first I use modded version with replaced CPU to 1265v2 and P222 controller instead of on-board controller. However today I replaced 40mm Noctua with 92mm Noctua for better P222 cooling and wanted set SSD Raid1 on B120i. Maybe I did any mistake however when I moved WS2012 system disk to SSD Raid the performance was worse than on WD Red on P222. Sequence R/W were on 600/300MB/s however 4k blocks dropped down to 0,32MB and I don't count other values. Latency was over 6s. Could you tell me what should I change? Maybe I set caching on B120i where isn't cache. I set scsi0:0.virtualSSD = 1, i tried optimize HDD (without success - button switched to disabled state). Is the problem in Crucial SDD? I have very good experience with these drives. Thank you in advance for any help.

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I assume by the scsi0:0.virtualSSD option that you're running ESXi as the host to a WS2012 VM? What version of the hpvsa driver are you using? Anything newer than 5.5.0-88.0 has significant performance issues. The b120i controller is actually the Intel chipset SATA controller but with a HP driver and some modifications to the BIOS. Setting the controller to AHCI mode isn't advised as there seems to be significant issues with the ESXi AHCI driver and the Intel SATA controller.


If you are using something newer than 5.5.0-88.0 then you'll need to downgrade the driver to fix it.


Another forum member has posted to say that the b120i driver has such a short queue depth that it causes problems. I've not experienced those issues but I'm not using vSAN.

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