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N40L to Gen 8 - RAID Question


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I've just got my Gen 8 microserver as an upgrade to my older N40L. I had my OS on an SSD and 2x4TB drives in RAID 1 using the onboard RAID controller. How do I set up the RAID 1 on the Gen 8 without losing data/formatting the drives? Do I just create the RAID 1 array through the menu or will any sort of RAID creation on the Gen 8 cause it to format the disks?


I've managed to get into them but I'm nervous about going through the menus on the HP Smart Array Controller in case I accidentally hit something and it formats my drives.


I still have the N40L, so it's not the end of the world if I need to put the drives back in it (e.g. to 'unRAID' them).


Also, for my single drives (SSD, 250GB), can I leave them unassigned or do I need to put them into a 1-disk RAID 0 array? These also have data on.


Any suggestions?


Thanks in advance!

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Bad news :-(

My (limited) understanding is that when you use the B120i Disk Administrator program on the Gen8 you will end up with an array devoid of data.

You need a temporary home for your 4GB.




1. Put your disks back in the N40; borrow a 4GB+ drive; copy the data from the N40 RAID array onto the temporary disk; move the N40 disks to the Gen8; run Disk Administrator to get the new (empty) array; copy the data from temporary to new; secure wipe the borrowed disk; give it back.


2.Buy another 4GB disk. Costs money (ouch) ... but you have a spare disk for failures or expansion!


3. A 4TB Red disk cost nearly 3 years worth of Office 365 subscription here in the UK: the sub. comes with Office 365 and unlimited storage. Upload your 4GB to OneDrive (yeah, I know you do not have 1Gbs upload broadband bandwidth). Build the Gen8; download the data (yeah I know you do not have 1Gbs download bandwidth) . Enjoy the sub for 3 years ... if you like it: run Disk administrator again and wipe your RAID array; convert to JBOD; you now have 6TB of data capacity all backed up to OneDrive. So instead of having to buy 2 more RED disks ... just add 3 more years to your subscription. God only knows where things will be in 6 years time.

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After a recalculation I've decided that 2x4TB is actually 8TB and not 6TB ;-)


With an SSD and only 2 HDD bays used ... you could fill all 4 disks bays with JBOD and have ... 16TB ... or more if you add 6 and 10TB HDDs in the remaining 2 bays.

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Thanks for the reply.


I think I will end up going with Option 1 + 2. I'll put everything back into the N40L and copy everything across to a spare drive. I don't mind re-doing the OS installation on the SSD and the other drive I can just copy the stuff on that across to the 4TB.


Looking around on the forums, it seems like there a lot of people that are recommending using DrivePool rather than hardware RAID to avoid having this problem in the future so I think I'll go down that route.


Option 3 is not realistic - I only have a 1MBps upload connection at home so it would take over a year to upload 4TB of data!

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