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Firmware/BIOS Etc all up to date?


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When I run the F10 updater it finds things and says they are a newer version than what I have installed, but then on the next 'confirmation' page, the version numbers are switched, and it seems I actually have the latest versions? Is it a known bug in the updater like this?


Anyway these are all the versions I can find everywhere, please check with yours and let me know if any of them are out of date and need updating:


System ROM     J06
System ROM Date     06/06/2014
Backup System ROM Date     11/09/2013

iLO Firmware Version     2.10 Jan 15 2015


Some more:


Am I missing any? If so, where can I check the version of whatever it is.


Some more images here:



Firmware update suggesting these files? (the checked one started that way)



Reviewing the updates - not all are shown, but the versions are different (swapped?) One time, it only showed two updates in the 'review', even though I selected them all (I didn't install, just wanted to see what the review said)



No idea about this, do I have the latest version installed or what? with the versions seemingly being switched around (unless I'm just an idiot) I can't be sure, because it keeps suggesting the same (or previous) update each time I try, as if it's swapping them around?


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Same thing happened to me, 


ended up downgrading everything :( 


Reverted to the backup Bios, and updated the rest manually

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Yeah I noticed that what it seems to do is alternate between the latest version and the previous.

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Rather than create another new topic for a couple small questions hopefully someone will stop by and help out.


Firstly, how did I get to this screen during bootup? I hit a key on the keyboard I think but I have no idea what, and it seemed like a much faster way of getting into the provisioning program.



When I was running insight diagnostics, one of the things crashed and kept trying to load and crashing over and over like this:



I waited a good 10 minutes but eventually I had to hold the power button down, is there nothing else to do at that point? is it safe?

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anyone? particularly worried about that one firmware not updating itself properly or at all. what does everyone elses versions look like?

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Hi Guys,


I am New to the Gen8 and a ltttle bit confused. Just like paradox, I  plugged my Gen8 for the 1st time and booted up to do some updates ....  without boring you


HP Bios is showing as J06 11/09/2013

backup version  06/06/2014

iLO  firmware     2.0.0 Jul 2014


I understand I need to update the ILO & BIOS. At the moment all I have in the Gen8 is a blank SSD & MicroSD card + I activated the iLO trial


my questions  are :-


1) I take it that the new ILO & BIOS firmware upgrades I a after are in the Proliant Service Pack (2015.06.0) ?

2) Do I need to install an OS before I can perform these upgrade or they can be done via the iLO web interface ?





my questions are


Are these 2 updates present in the

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