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RAID card recs


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I know this is a relatively simplistic question but am looking for your recommendations for a new RAID card.  Am currently using a Highpoint 2720SGL but it is giving me troubles, loosing connection at times forcing a server reboot.  What suggestions would you all recommend using Adaptec or LSI hardware.  Eight port RAID 5 and/or 10.  Would love to stay below $300 US.  While I'm at it, how about a motherboard recommendation for an ATX case as well - might as well get all I can get from you pro's!  :)  The goal here is a setup that is relatively bulletproof and fast using WS2012E, currently running 12T usable RAID 5.



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If you want real hardware RAID and cache then you're going to have trouble getting a good 8 port card for under $300 if you want it new.


All of the cheap LSI RAID controllers have no memory on the card itself so performance isn't great.


Adaptec do have a handful of cards with 8 ports and 128MB cache such as the Adaptec RAID 6805E but I've no experience of them.


If however you're happy with software RAID then I'd recommend getting a good LSI SAS/SATA controller and using that with your OS provided software RAID or something like the Stablebit Drivepool software.

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Thank you GNT.

I ordered the 6805 (not the E) on the used market and look forward to testing hardware RAID out.

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Thanks for the link.  Will update the firmware first.


I have built too many desktop PC's to count but never used server MB/hardware.  I was really curious as to the benefits of a "server" MB in an ATX case and the tangible benefits of a "server CPU".  This is all for a home server serving all the usual benefits of WS2012E including media server and not email/Exchange. 

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Update of status:

- Adaptec 8605 with AFM-600 obtained.

- Could not install into my server MB, a Gigabyte GA-Z68XP-UD3 as no matter what I tried, it was not recognized.

- Exchanged MB for an ASUS P8Z68-V Pro/GEN3 and it booted perfectly.

- Upgraded the firmware and installed the Windows driver, again all was flawless.

- Setup a 4 disk 12T RAID 5 array.

- Added a fan to the heat sink.

And now all is running perfectly.  It is fast, silent, and error free.


Thanks Schoondoggy!

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