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Possible CPU cooler


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Was browsing for something else on fleabay and this came up: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Shuttle-SN21-I-C-E-K81501T-061732797-AMD-CPU-Heat-Sink-Fan-92mm-4pin-Socket-939-/361173333865


Its a cpu cooler for a Shuttle PC. Might be possible to cut off the screws and make a flat plate with the correct holes to go over the CPU and have the radiator behind the drives, next to the stock fan?


Its not much use to me as I already have the 1265Lv2, but it might be with investigating for those with a hotter running cpu?

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Damn, Shuttle bits, I've got an old Shuttle in the garage thats not being used....


Time to break the Gen 8 apart again and have a play :D

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