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5v Power From Optional VGA-Out on PCI-E GPU?


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So I bought this GPU for my Gep8: Sapphire AMD Radeon HD 6450 Silent 2GB DDR3


It works great.


When changing it from standard height to using the low-profile bracket, the VGA port is removed and the cable connecting it to the GPU is removed, leaving only the non-removable DVI and HDMI ports.



However, thinking about ways to draw more power, my attention was drawn to the VGA-out pins on the GPU.




According to the Pin-Out for VGA on wikipedia, Pin 9 is +5V DC and pin 10 is GND. Enough for a standard 2pin molex cable or fan connector.



Stick one end of these into pin 9 and 10 (remembering which + and - is obviously or risk breaking your card) then (or rather, before, splice a molex cable or fan header to the other end - ta-da, another 5v power.


I've bought the items, should have them by monday will post updates for all my projects and some videos etc.

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I always worry about how much current you can draw from sources like this. There may be nothing to limit the current.

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Doesn't seem like dangerous amounts really.





I found this from http://www.circuitprotection.com/04Databook/C17_video_(133).pdf :
“Devices that comply with the DDC host system standard typically provide supply voltage on pin #9 of the standard 15-pin VGA connector. The voltage is 5V ±5% and supplies a minimum of 300mA to a maximum of 1A.”

So another 5v power point right there. At least if you have a GPU with a spare VGA-out anyway. Or maybe you could just use your VGA, but you might want to use that.

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