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How to Set Up 2 LAN's at Home with 2 Routers


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The address must come in over the existing WAN as I only have one connection to the fibre data port.


Am I going about this all wrong and the extra eth02 will not be able to see the extra IP's provided by my IP?


I am totally out of my depth here!  To old to go back to school!

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don't sell yourself short. if you can communicate your objectives we can help...then you will have learned 'by doing' - even with help the act of taking the steps yourself will soak into your memory.


what you have now is like a single mailbox shared among 5 addressees, each of the 5 IPs get 'dumped' into your one connection.  even though the 5 sets of traffic come to the same connection they still have their destination address marked on the envelope so they can be sorted etc. how did you want to process the 'mail' for a given addressee? you need to train the 'mail person' who opens the mailbox to look at the addresses and deliver the mail where you want it to go. 


I read your earlier post where you thought about multiple LAN segments, have you refined your project beyond those initial thoughts?

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The simple reason is that since the ISP has given me these 4 extra external IP's I should use them. I realize I can only use 2 of the 4 as 2 will be used for Broadcast and Network leaving 2 for Address. I used to have 2 separate WAN address's (at no extra cost) when I was on cable and I simply plugged in a second router to get a separate LAN but we are now on the Government Provided NBN which is fibre and I have a new ISP business account which gives me a fixed IP and the block of 4 extra's "dumped" as you say into the one data port.


I would like to use these extra's to setup separate LAN's if it is possible with sophos.


One for a Guest WiFi AP and one for a VPN connection to a secure server to evade our Government snooping.  I have mentioned elsewhere in the forums that Australian Government has just passed laws compelling all ISP's to block overseas websites as directed by them.




I am not into video or audio piracy but I don't like the Government telling me where I can surf.

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