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cable jim

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Hi, I thought id start by telling you about my 1st Perment home server, I have been running WHS since show 50 when i found your show on Itunes,I said neet there is a Home server that Microsoft( I was running win2000 server or naslite) makes,Has a free trial and why nottry it, I was hooked ever since.

I ran the trial for 180 days it worked great, had few problems,Hard drives,DVD players,controllers, But i work them out and what would be Microsoft with out some hard work to get things going.

After the 180 day trial i got hold of a boot leg (don't yell) that just the start let me finish, ran that for 5-6 months , Then had a bad failure the wifes 64 bit vista machine went down, se call me a work and it was not booting , did the handy dandy restore and wham it worked again. since all that time i was looking for and real copy of WHS cheep and finally found it one day on tiger at 60 bucks, said to the wife can i buy a copy on WHS she said sure why not. (the crash helped ME)!!!

So I have had this copy for 6 weeks now i was not ready to register my copy till the hardware was right , bought one of those mini cases put 3 hard drives in it and a way we go, Then the problems started first HEAT the drive would not go cool, so i open it and they cooled down, so that new case I just bought that case, so i got a server case on ebay for 65 bucks, cost more to ship then the case. And im good right, Put the little mob in the case and the drives and wamo you have to rereg again,it still had 15 days I did install twice that where you get 15 days, I had just got all my suff on it, now had to remove drives and reformat again, So why not change the motherboard since you have to reformat again so i did, took 3 dvd drives to find one that would install WHS, tryed the USB thing that took 2hrs to copy from the DVD, no big deal, after the copy tryed that said missing files about 1/2 way through, finely got all working.

So dont you that that WHS is fun??????

that was just the hard suff and a bad power supply, bad HDs, Bad motherboard Just look what great fun I had with my time???





Ps Has anybody got a tv card to work on WHS


I really want to break my WHS again OK

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Jim - There is a version of SageTV that can run as an add-in on WHSv1. You can put the TV card directly in your server if that is what you really want. However, I can't tell where you are located, but the SiliconDust HD HomeRun is highly regarded as an awesome solution for getting broadcast TV or clearQAM into your computer. The HDHR is a network device with 2 tuners and can receive digital broadcast or QAM. I would check on getting one of those. As others have mentioned, all video cards that are put inside computer cases usually suffer from weak signal issues. The HDHR does not seem to suffer from the same issues since it is separate from your PC.


edit - I am gonna guess you are in the Midwest so I would try the HD Homerun. It was just on sale on Woot.com for less than $100.

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