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Predicted Failure in SSD


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Hi guys.


So I've had my Gen8 Microserver for around a week now.


Finally got all the data from my last machine transferred over to my 2x3TB disks, and after the next reboot the LED started flashing amber.


On HP Storage Manager it shows a warning that the disk in bay 5 (SSD in ODD) has a predicted failure.


I was wondering whether or not the disk needs replacing, or what I can do to investigate. Is it just because the disk is unsupported or if there is actually an issue.


I've read:




..and looked for Last Failure Reason, Read Errors, Write Errors and Other Timeouts and all values show as 0x000..

Can anyone please help?

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You might want to check the manufacturers site, some will have some very good tools to help you with this.  At least I know Samsung does.

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Thanks for the advice. Hopefully I'll get to do some testing this evening and update this post with results.

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