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N54L to Gen8


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I am thinking of upgrading from a N54L to a Gen8 for my server, but I need some advice, as is it a necessary upgrade.


I only use my server to run a plex server, Sickbeard, Sabnzb and torrenting.


I am leaning to thinking it is pointless upgrading as I don't do any transcoding on Plex.


But this all depends on how much of a performance increase this is gunna give me, or is my N54L adequate for what I need.


Your help is greatly appreciated

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Only you can answer the question as to if your N54L is adequate..


I prefer the build of the Gen8 as well as the socketed CPU, I started off with the base G1610T then went to an i3 and now I'm on a Xeon so as my needs have changed a bit I've been able to update the server, something which you cant do on the older units...

I'd added USB3 and another NIC to my old Gen7 server and those bits are built into the Gen8, the only think I do miss from the 7 is the two expansion slots as I am now at a point where I use my additional NIC but would really like the performance a P222 would give me overall across the system, guess I'll be waiting for the Gen9 and see what that brings to the table...

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