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Just Got a N40L Server whats next?!


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So today i won a brand new N40L server on ebay to be able to take stress away from my desktop. I want to use the box to Torrent, Stream, & host little servers like teamspeak and other little stuff too.  To stream i do use plex as well.  I was also thinking maybe try out VM's on this box too. So i wanted to know the follow


Memory: Best memory for  this system?  I see a few of you got it up to 16GB so i would LOVE to do that as well!

O/S: Whats the best OS for this system Win 2012 R2? WHS? Win 8?

Hard Drive: I was thiking of getting 4 2TB Red Drives for this system?

USB 3.0: I have a WD My Book Duo 12TB drive i would like to hook up to this system but its a 3.0 and this system only has 2.0 so what is the best 3.0 PCI card

Empty Slot:  I see there is a slot to put maybe a DVD/BLU drive there but i really don't need one what other drives have you guys put in there?



I think i have a few others too but can't really think of them right now...



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Forgot to add that i also wanted to add a different raid card to do raid 5 and make it a hardware raid.

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OK so you guys have ALOT of links here and if i could just maybe get a little quicker help!


I just got my n40l box and would love to just like to do the following and order everything in one shot!


OS: Win Server 2012 R2

Ram 16Gb

BIOS: Modded if needed

Raid Card: A good card for this system to make into a hardware raid

USB 3.0 card

Hard drives: what is the max on this system and what have you guys used for drives that worked well with the system.



I am looking to Stream and store data. 


Also maybe make a Home Domain as well and start playing around with WIn server.


If you could just help me with all this that would be great i would like to order all the parts soon!

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