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Drive bay help


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I've recently purchased a Gen 8 microserver and have done the following so far. Installed a ssd connected through the ODD port and installed Win 7 Ultimate onto it. Taken x2 WD Red hard drives from a WD Duo caddy and installed them in the Gen 8. I've setup the drives using the config utility and set them up as a raid 1 setup.


I restarted my system but don't see the drives in my computer, just the ssd shows?


Do I need to do something extra to get the drives to show? Did the fact that I removed the drives from the WD caddy without formatting them cause this problem?


Any help would be much appreciated

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I've gone into drive management and had to initialize the drive. I'm not to sure what I'm doing here :)


The drive shows as unallocated... Do I just right click and select New simple volume and select a drive letter? I assume because I set up a raid 1 array before that is why only only one drive shows in windows, but in device manager it shows under drives, two of the the following " HP LOGICAL VOLUME SCSI Disk Device"


As you can tell I'm a bit out of my depth here.


If one drive shows is there any way to check the content of the mirrored drive?

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