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My New Desktop for Windows 10


I need plenty of room. My present case is a LianLi V750 and I just Love it.
Antec was my choice for many years before LianLi
This is the most important decision, my present MB is a P8Z77VPremium nearly 3 years old.
I still have an ASUS P6T7WS and it is still going strong when all other components are stuffed & replaced.
I want 2 Intel NICS, plus most importantly the dual PLX chips giving all those extra available lanes (expensive I know). I intend to use the onboard M.2 slot for the OS and the PCIe M.2 for data. Interested to know what you think about this idea. Maybe Intel 750 400GB PCIe NVMe instead of M.2
I don’t overclock (or game) but for 40 lanes enabled this is the minimum CPU
Probably don’t need more than stock Intel but I live in a sub-tropic climate with ambient temperatures mostly over 30c in summer so I will add a Noctua NH-U14S (Must make sure it won’t interfere with PCIe Slot 1 or with the RAM) - Great believer that high temperatures stuff all electronics.
Case Fans.
The V1000L comes with some installed Fans and I will add Noctua NF-S12A (or S14A as required) and might replace the installed ones if they don’t look up to it. The case fans are VERY important in the sub-tropics.
I have 7 Monitors and was thinking of 2 X GeForce GTX 970 4GB would suffice
At present I have 2 X GTX 670 2GB which have served me very well.
I don’t have much thought about memory. Probably 32KB of Kingston DDR4 – does the speed make any difference in my situation?
My present desktop has a Seasonic Platinum 1000 which I am sure has never been taxed.  Seasonic now make a 1050/1200 which I am sure would suffice but I like to try new so was looking at Andyson Platinum R 1200W

Sorry that this is such a long post but I really only trust the feedback I get from HomeServerShow Forums.  Totally open to any and all suggestions.

I am NOT looking to save money or power.  As I have stated in previous posts, I am SKIing. (Spending the Kid’s Inheritance).  I have 26 Solar Panels on the roof and during the day can’t use the power they provide. (Average 35kWh per day over a year)

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