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Help with affordable desktop server


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I want to build a super budget 24/7 Minecraft Server so I put together a list of parts, but it's a little expensive for right now. How can we bring down the price? This would be a public server and eventually would need to be able to handle about 50 people. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


CPU - Intel Xeon Quad-Core Processor E3-1230 v2 3.3GHz 



Storage – WD Caviar Blue 1TB - http://www.directron.com/wd10ezex.html


Mobo – ASUS P8H77-M Micro ATX Intel Motherboard

- http://www.amazon.com/P8H77-M-CSM-Intel-Micro-Motherboard/dp/B007QXLVQ6


PSU – Antec Basiq http://www.amazon.com/dp/B000H9J3ZC/?tag=pcpapi-20


Case - In-Win microATX Slim Desktop Case





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RAM??  Every so often, NewEgg puts their Lenovo servers on sale.  They had one yesterday that was hard to pass on only because it was capable of holding 128 gigs of RAM and had a Xeon processor for $399.

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There are some recommendations here:



I have not had 50 people log on a MineCraft server, but this is what I am using:



For $175 I have a SFF HP DC5850 with a 9600B X4 Phenom, 16GB ram and 150GB WD VR 10k drive.

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Why use a Xeon?  I'm guessing you're not doing virtualization, or if you are, it isn't heavy enough to matter.


You could likely save $100-150 just by dropping the CPU to a Core i5 or i7.

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If you are really wanting a super budget server -  consider an AMD chip and Mobo -   you can get a FX8350 ( pretty similar in performance to your Xeon) and a motherboard for less than just what the Intel CPU is going for.




you didnt mention memory -    is a 50 user scenario in minecraft memory intensive -  that could be your bottleneck.

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