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Noob with a Gen8


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How is everyone, I'm completely new here. So please bare with me.


I have just Recently Purchased a Gen8 Microserver after having the N40L for around 3 Years, which has been a good machine to me. I thought for £99, why not upgrade?


What I use my N40L for is Basically Media Streaming via Plex, Running WHS11.


2 Hard Drives, a 2TB WD and a 250GB Seagate which was included.


Now here is my problem, 


I cloned the 250GB and placed in my new machine, I had to collect via ILO and turn off The HP Smart so It could boot.


But for some reason I'm finding everything very sluggish connected via Remote Desktop.


I have installed the Network Cards, and the CPU is running at 100%, and so is the 2GB Memory, I'm thinking WHS 11 could be too much for just 2GB Ram, as my N40L had 6gb.


Should I use a different OS for the Server, but I am scared of losing data from the 2TB.


Please advise, I just want to use it as Media Streamer, 

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