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Mixing different cache size drives in a ReFs parity storage space


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I want to expand my storage spaces parity set (used for .mkv Blu ray rips and music)  and currently have four 4tb WD4001FYYG drives in it that were purchased new.  There are the "RE"  drives and spin at 7200 rpm.   I dont see a great deal on these on Ebay,  so I was considering purchasing another drive or two from the MANY auctions on Ebay for WD4000FYYZ recertified drives,  which I believe are the same drive except they have 64MB of cache vs the 32 of the ones I have.  Is this any issue?  I know Storage Spaces can have all sorts of disparate drives,  but I don't really want to go down the path of making the drives very different.   I assume this will get treated like any other raid 5,  where the speed or capacity is limited by the lowest common denominator?  So the extra 32MB of cache just goes unused?  Or no? 


And any reason to stay away from re certified drives?  I understand the warranty is only 6 months.   Any experience with enterprise re certified drives? 


And just like that.... nevermind.... It just caught my eye that these are sata drives, not nearline sas like the ones I have.  No wonder they are so cheap.  Lol. Sorry to waste time. 


Mods feel free to delete this post.  I don't see how to, if I can.

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