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Floundering Server Setup and Hardware Choices


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I am a little lost in trying to set up a Windows server for personal use. I have just purchased a Microliant box (Base model with 2 GB Ram with 2 x 2TB WD red drives.), but I want to make sure I know what to do before installing an OS.


Can somebody help me with the following questions (which may be loosely related to each other):


1. I need the server primarily for as a testing box for developing Microsoft ASP.NET web applications, so IIS is the main reason for using WSER2t, but ideally I also want to set up a Linux VM to develop using Meteor.JS and Docker.

 Is it possible to set up WSER2 and Linux on the same box and what would be the best way to achieve it?


2. Is there a benefit to install WSER2 as a virtual server? (Future Migration?)


3. Is there a path to run WSER2 and LINUX as virtual machines on Hyper-V on the same box?


4. Is there any advantage of setting up Storage Spaces instead of RAID1 configuration?


5.Is it advisable to install the OS on the RAID1 drives or should I purchase a separate drive for the OS? I'm not even sure if I can set up 1 Bay as RAID0 for OS and two as RAID1 for data.


6. Finally how do I install WSER2 from a Technet ISO Image download?


7. Which books would you recommend for getting started with WSER2?


Some advice from experienced users would be very much appreciated as I am floundering with this.



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