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Setting up my Microserver - ILO config / HP/ESXi/SSD installation


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Hi All,


Continuing on from my other thread, I decided to start a newer one seeing as my objectives have changed from the beginning of the previous thread, as a newbie I hope that this is ok. I just want to refocus on what I want to do...


At the moment I am based at home and have a standalone Gen8 and a new ILO Advanced License from HP - I understand I can enter the license into the RBSU.

Unfortunately I do not know much regarding TCP/IP networking so my understanding is limited, I do understand the fundamental difference between Peer to Peer networking and Client Server networking. 

My ILO 4 does not have an IP address currently configured, I think I can configure the ILO with its own IP manually via the RBSU but I do not know what IP address to give it. 


I am also running a PC with an onboard network port, which I hope I can connect directly to the ILO and run a remote console session, I asked if I could do this before but I think I can as its not that different from connecting a laptop netowrk connection to an ILO, which I have done connecting a laptop to blades at work previously. 


My intention is to create a VM with Win2012 on it and run this environment to teach myself active directory and Windows Sys Admin.

On the internal USB I have the HP/VM ISO image and folder with files to support running of VMWare, I thought I could get this to run via Intelligent Provisioning but I cannot, it recognises the ISO but does nothing when I click on it. 

I am unsure currently of what I need to do to get Win2012 working and running on the internal SSD (installed in the ODD tray and connected to the internal SATA motherboard port), what do I do to get the ILO configured so I can mount the ISO and get the instance of Win2012 onto my SSD... Can anyone help please?

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Thanks for your response Schoondoggy, I have the PC connected to the wireless router via a USB Wireless Dongle and have the internet that way for now.

After reading the other responses to the older post I have ordered the 8 port switch and will connect that directly to the router and hopefully via DHCP it will assign an IP to the ILO that way.


I am using a 32GB Sandisk Cruzer ( http://www.amazon.co.uk/SanDisk-SDCZ50-032G-FFP-Cruzer-Blade-Flash/dp/B007PYBNSC) where I have placed the HP VMWare ISO directly in the root directory and also a folder with the supporting files there also, for some reason it will not boot from there when I thought it would. I did go through the Intelligent Provisioning menu and it can see the 32GB Cruzer stick and the VMware ISO within it but when I double click it to install it blinks.


For now I will get the 8 port switch, connect it all up and log into the ILO... thanks for your response, wish me luck! :)

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To load ESXi on a USB stick, I would not use Intelligent Provisioning. I would follow the procedure in the link above.

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