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Gen 8 vs H54L


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Been doing a lot of reading of this forum to get my head around a few things and I hope you can help me out.


I currently have a Synology DS413j with 4x 3TB drives in Raid 5. It is super under powered and is chugging along and making my VPN unstable with all the stuff I am trying to do on it. 

I think I will replace it with either a Gen 8 or a H54L. Essentially I want it to be able to do my internal network routing, file server, media streaming, usenet (couchpotato/sickrage) and VPN. Possibly even a CCTV camera or two soon.


Would the Gen 8 be better for those tasks?


What is the best way to move my Raid 5 setup across? I believe I will need to buy a new controller card for the Gen 8.


If you have an tips that would be appreciated. 

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CCTV will kill the box if you add more than 1 camera.


I run all those services on a N36L and when I tried installing ispyconnect with a couple of HD cameras and motion detection enabled it became unusable.

The N54L is slightly more powerful so may fair slightly better but I'd recommend for CCTV you look at a significantly more powerful box or a standalone option you can connect onto the network for remote viewing etc...



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I'm curious as to what Operating System you were planning on using?

Well I pulled the trigger on a Gen 8 and it should arrive this week.


I'm going to run xpenology having come from a synology environment. The other reason is that I have all my disks in Synology Hybrid Raid 5 at the moment. I don't have the cash for new disks right now so I'll need to stick the xpenology.


I might run it as a VM so I can also run pfsense on the same box. Not sure how that affects the hybrid raid but I assume it would be fine.

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