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Motherboard swap & OS recovery


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I'm hoping someone here has been in my situation before and might have some nuggets of advice for me. 


I've owned my gen 8 server for about 2 months now - it's been running server 2012 R2 essentials on 4 x 2TB drives in raid 1+0.


Over the past two weeks I've been troubleshooting random hard resets with HP - we initially suspected it was a memory fault, so we swapped the DIMM out. Turns out the DIMM wasn't at fault as it crashed twice the following day (once in each slot).


HP have now sent me a replacement motherboard. I have no problem swapping this out, but I have some serious worries about retaining the data on the raid array.


I'm hoping that the b120i will be able to detect the existing array after swapping out the board, does anyone know if this is the case?


If not, then what is the recommended approach to recovering the server?

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