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Unable to boot from SanDisk Cruzer switch (8 GB)


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HI Guys


I am very new to home servers and after reading how much it can do purchased Gen8 couple of weeks back with couple of 8 GB memory disks and 2x2TB WD drives.


By doing google search came to know that many of the guys who are doing awesome stuff booting the ESXi from internal USB. So following the footsteps I've purchased a basic SanDisk Cruzer Switch USB 2.0 of size 8 GB. I have also downloaded latest SPP and updated whatever possible.


While installing through iLO remote console it scanned for the available devices and listed the USB so installed on it. But after rebooting it cannot detect anymore. I've changed the USB options like USB enabled, boot from internal drive keys first etc but still showing no disk error. I have also tried the same USB to boot from my laptop and it worked.


Then I found some old USB tried again on Microserver and it worked this time. I am not sure what was the problem with the SanDisk.


Back to google gave me these without any solution





Has anyone faced the same problem ? Any idea how can I resolve it ?


Also thanks to all the posts so far which guided me from purchasing the hardware, installation instruction and many more.



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Did you remove power after SPP?

There seems to be a bug where the SD card is "lost" after SPP/BIOS/iLO changes that need a full power cycle to restore.

I know yours is USB, but I wonder if its the same bug?

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I am having a "kind" of conclusion that Microserver+Sandisk USB+ESXi not working together for some reason.


Yesterday I have installed FreeNAS on the SanDisk USB and able to boot up with it.

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