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Best replacement for an aging N36L?


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Hi all


I'm looking to consolidate my infrastructure requirements into a smaller power footprint and would appreciate your advice.


I'm currently running a HP N36L with 8GB RAM and 10TB of storage (50% used). Windows Home Server 2011 installed and is also running as an iTunes server, Plex server, WSUS server, Cloudberry sync of documents and pictures to Amazon S3 & Glacier, and Crashplan sync of DVD rips to another local drive.


I'm also running a couple of VMWare ESXi 5.5 hosts on some legacy hardware (both with E8400 CPU's and either 8GB or 4GB of memory).


Host 1 (4GB) runs

24/7 - network monitoring service (Cacti)

Ad-hoc - Windows 10 Server TP test


Host 2 (8GB) runs

24/7 - W2K8R2 Domain Controller

Ad-hoc - Windows 7 Test PC

Ad-hoc - Windows XP Legacy PC for testing

Ad-hoc - Windows 10 Test PC


Effectively I like to tinker, but don't want to impact the core stability of the household systems!


Running 3 PC's, 2 of which have very little traffic going through them most of the time unless I'm tinkering, is a drain on the electricity - particularly with the older machines running the VM's which are 2010 HP desktop units not being particularly power efficient.


I'd like to move them all onto a single machine, probably all virtualised within the free ESXi Hypervisor as I'm familiar with that platform and like the configuration available within the free version.


Noise levels are also important. The current N36L seems to have gotten quite loud. It is currently housed in the laundry room so it's not too bothersome, but any louder would be a concern as it would be audible from other rooms including the bedroom above.  A small footprint would also be preferable.


I've looked at the Gen8 and the TS140 so far.  I like the form factor of the N36L and the Gen8 but HP's support model has put me off them as has the iLo fee. The TS140 looks like a better option out of the box with the Xeon processor and the higher memory capacity, but is nearly double the price (but is cheaper like for like specs with the HP if you upgrade them both to the same standard).


Any ideas on which is the better option, or if there's something else out there which could be a better choice?  All in I'm looking at spending around £300 ($450).







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Agree TS140 looks the better option of the two on paper.


Hadn't looked at the TX1310 M1 before now, looks like a nice bit of kit and as you say, better laid out internally than the TS140 although I don't plan much swapping out of the drives once it's in use. The additional memory as standard is appealing - not sure if it's as a single slot or 2 x 4GB though? Also not sure whether there's any remote management with the TX1310 unit as standard? The TS140 comes with it as default and I'm potentially looking at moving the unit into the loft so not having to get up the ladders when it won't boot is appealing!


The TX1310 M1 looks like it's a little bit quieter in use than the TS140 @ 24db compared to 26db - has anyone seen the two units side by side to advise on the difference?

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