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SSD in RAID0 - Cannot update firmware (no AHCI)


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I recently added a Corsair Force LS 120GB in the ODD bay of my MicroServer Gen8 and put it alone in RAID0 to be able to boot from it when having already HDDs added.

The 4 HDDs are in RAID 10 also. Yesterday I tried to update the firmware of the SSD using the tool provided by Corsair and got the error that SSD is not in AHCI mode.

I've seen the topic with detailed explanations on how to boot on AHCI, but I do not want to reinstall my OS for that. OS is Windows Server 2012 R2.

I'm thinking on activating AHCI in registry, update and then set it back like before.


Now, I do not think that it is a problem to keep my SSD in RAID, but I am curious to see if anyone managed to trick this somehow.

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I have not found a work around, but I had a similar issue in the past with OCZ's tool not liking certain Intel chipsets. 

I would not recommend changing to AHCI as it would potentially drop your RAID10.

When I update firmware on a SSD, I make sure it is backed up, I pull the drive and connect it to a separate PC to do the update. Takes care of compatibility issues and requires me to be sure I have a backup.

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Yep, the funny stuff is that I cannot see the current firmware version.

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Yep, I've seen the version as 4.10 and the latest one is 5.05.

I will try sometime in the future to remove it and upgrade it on one of my desktops and then put it back in the microserver.

Anyhow, this stuff is really annoying.

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