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What am I doing wrong.


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If it were me, I would remove the extra graphics card until this is working properly. You can use the onboard VGA to install locally or iLO for remote. 


The way Xpenology works is that it needs a Linux support OS installed onto USB stick and the actual DSM software is loaded on the hard disk array.

So it might be worth restarting from scratch:


Remove the hard disk, but leave the USB disk attached.

Check the BIOS settings are set for USB boot before HDD boot.

Install Xpenology XPEnoboot onto the USB stick, as per the instructions: http://www.xpenology.nl/hardware-installatie/

Once done, check the USB boots correctly and you get a login: prompt. (point 6 on the guide above)


If you get this far, power off, reinsert the hard disk, then you can install DSM using Synology Assistant. (point 7)


If you ever wipe your hard disk outside of DSM, you will need to do this last step again as it will wipe the DSM software.


Good luck  :)

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