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I´m thinking of how to backup my data. At the moment I´m having several clients but there is no need to back them up. All important data is saved on a home fileserver or nas.


I´m having a nas that duplicating it´s data to an attached USB-disk. It´s serving mostly videos.

I´m also running a microserver gen8 with raid10. 

I´m looking for both local and remote backup.

The microserver Gen8 is running the HyperV-role of Server2012R2 and are hosting several virtual machines.

As for imagebackup I intend to export important virtual machines to an external USB-attached disk. Among them the fileserver. The disk are being exported once a week and I will place the disk at a friend, work or somewhere offsite.

However, should I take concern about filelevel backups as well? Thinking of Backup Exec. But the main concern I have if I´m running backup exec on a VM and saves bakupfiles to an external device is that restoring data will be a hugh work if my hyperv-host or hardware is failing. In addition to imagebackups maybe scriptingbackups like Robocopy might will be better? Just copying new and changed important files to an external device that I can bring to a friend.

Is Server2012R2 Essentials as role providing any values in my senario?


Any suggestions of backup rutines?


Best regards Daniel


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I think the first question is what your goals and needs are. Full system backups that make "bare metal restore" quick and easy? File backups for mistakes and quick easy restoration? File backups with or without file versioning? File backups to protect against relatively rare occurrences (like your house burning down)? File backups at a particular frequency or manual / or file backups essentially running all the time? All the above?

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