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QNAP update

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So I have been working with my baby QNAP for a couple of months and while it is not perfect, for a 99 NAS that i put 2 green drives in it works great and shows easily what a TS-251/451 can do for the home server enthusiest (I will probably upgrade by meetup was just short of getting the TS-251 for 225 on a newegg deal 2 weeks ago)  For me the 2 drives are fine as they are for backup and a iSCSI share for esxi though i have also tried nfs.


One nice thing is someone has put Super Mario Brothers via html 5 on the app store and it runs on it.  Doubt Nintendo has seen it but they are not anywhere near the same space.


So far have testing NAS to NAS copying over a WAN

Open VPN


Plex (runs great as a server for already transcoded files)

and Time Machine backup.



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