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Well, best laid plans and all that......couldn't get the server to post with the i5 and the non-ecc memory.


I suspect that the processor would have been ok and that it was the ram that was the problem. The g8 couldn't get past the initial memory post, behaves the same as when you put non-ecc ram in with the stock cpu.


Back to the drawing board, got 16gb of Kingston ram and using the stock cpu until I can find a Xeon.


I downloaded the hp esxi ISO 5.5 and went thru the thumb drive install, all goes well until the reboot when it has to boot off the sexiest installed back onto the thumb drive, the g8 no longer sees the thumb drive as a boot disk. I have tried the same with a stock esxi ISO and it works fine.


I would rather use the hp image but I just can't get it to work, can anyone help with advice?

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Ok, got a cheap i3-3220 and akasa 25 cpu cooler, got both in and all running fine with my custom esxi install.


Just have to figure out why the HP esxi images don't work as mentioned in my previous post. Anyone who can point me in the right direction would be much appreciated.

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Ok, worked it out.


The problem was my San disk cruzer thumb drive, it was being formatted into a gpart partition during the install and the G8 doesn't recognize this when it reboots. I did the weasel thing with format as mbr prior to installer boot and all is now good, I have a functioning ESXi 5.5 system with HP drivers.


Next issue, I have created a raid 1 setup with 2 disks in G8 and want to use it as a datastore. Problem now is that ESXi is saying the array isn't formatted (which it isn't, I just created it using the HP bios utility) and whilst it recognizes the array it won't use it.


How do I format the array for use with ESXi?

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